Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Looking at my GPA

Made me realize that I have a large number of units that my max gpa is actually capped at certain point. Even if I got A's from now on, it will rise by .1 at most. It works out like life does in a way; All the mistakes or choices you have made do not simply disappear. That is a wishful thinking.

The effects of those events stay with you permanently; What you can do is do your best and minimize similar mistakes you made, in order to move forward.

Losing my health has been the worst mistake i have made in my life so far; I have lost 3 years of the most potentially productive part of my life (early 20's!) that WILL define who I will be. The best I can do is convince myself (but acknowledging the fact that I screwed up and it will be very hard to make up for it) that I can start afresh only if I enjoy the struggle and whole ass one thing instead of half ass-ing two things.

The next two days could potentially affect my life forever. What day doesn't?

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